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7 Money Saving Tips for Your Home in The Winter

7 Money Saving Tips for Your Home in The Winter

After a long warm summer we’re in for some cool weather, with winter almost here are 7 helpful tips to help save you money on your Winter bills.

  1. Drafts can add up to 30% to your winter bill. Using a draft stopper on any outside door is an easy and inexpensive way to help save you money in the long run.
  2. Use Ceiling Fans. Running your ceiling fan clockwise at a low speed will gently draw up the cooler air from the floor and push the warm air from the ceiling. This circulates the warm air giving you a more comfortable temperature.
  3. Window Shrink Wrap, this insulating plastic easily adheres to your windows and can save you on those heating bills.  And when the warmer weather comes back its easy to remove.
  4. Water heater, lowering the temperature to 120 degrees on the water heater in your home can save you up to 10% on your water heating costs.
  5. Check your Furnace Filter. Normally, you only need to change your furnace filter every 3 months but in the winter its good to check it every month. Just in case it needs to be changed more frequently to help keep your home running more efficiently.
  6. Adjust Thermostat. Approx 50 – 70% of your bill goes towards heating and every degree you lower the temperature is money in your pocket.  Its also a good idea to turn your heat down when you’re not going to be home for a long period of time.
  7. Bundle up, putting on a blanket or sweater instead of adjusting your heat can help save you money.

Following these tips can help you save money during the cold winter months.  Hope you stay warm this Winter!


Ryan Taylor

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